Doron Biran



To Doron Biran, Ski is not just his business, it's his lifestyle. Doron considers himself a semiprofessional and spends most of his spare time skiing in Veribier, one of the most beautiful and exotic ski towns in Switzerland.

Doron Biran is the proud father of Itamar Biran, a multi talented professional skier who recently won the silver medal in Giant Slalom at the 2021 Winter World Ski Cup.

Doron Biran is also the sole owner of VIST.

VIST creates luxury ski wear for those who love to stun on the slopes. VIST prides itself on the production of high-quality ski garments with precise attention to detail. Now located in the fashion capital of the world, Milan, VIST is inspired by the fashion trends of Italy, while keeping a close eye on its technical racing roots.